[thelist] Wireless Networking Advice

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Mon Dec 16 00:02:02 CST 2002

From: "Joel Canfield" <joel at spinhead.com>
Subject: RE: [thelist] Wireless Networking Advice

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: > You use MAC-based connection protection to stop people
: > randomly connecting to your access point.
: >
: > Then, the wireless network is *outside* your logical internal
: > network.
: Exactly what I'm saying. No direct wireless connection to your network.


...you were saying that you are offering internet access via wireless
because that's the only "safe" thing you can offer. You said that running an
internal business network over wireless was like having no firewall.

I'm saying, respectfully, that I disagree. You can offer access to the
private, internal network to wireless users. Perhaps we are talking at
cross-purposes, or orthogonally.

This is what I mean:

It's not exactly the same as what we have here at work, but it's close
enough (we don't use client-side certificates, but VPN software)


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