[thelist] Hosting providers, experiences...

Zeljko Dakic zdakic at verat.net
Mon Dec 16 10:18:00 CST 2002

 Hello Evolters,

 I know that this was already on this list but I need 5 hosts that you
have positive experiences with, I'm mostly interested in those with whom
you have personal experiences and who has support for database and PHP
or CF, I'm not in the mood for ASP right now :).

 I'm researching this for a client, my local provider VeratNet is great
in every aspect except that I had occasional slow load times from around
the world (I'm in Belgrade, YU) and I would expect mostly americans on
this site.

 BTW, I subscribed to service called uptime that check site availability
and all my fears how people from around the world can't access my lovely
site proved to be unfounded.

 Be sure to check http://www.dakic.co.yu and tell me whether menus on
the left load OK (if loading is slow they look ugly for a while). Other
criticism is welcome also (I don't promise that I will act on it though
;) ).

Kind regards,

Zeljko Dakic

Webmaster @ http://www.dakic.co.yu
 Creating Better Business in Economy of Ideas

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