[thelist] Validation question

Richard McFarland rlmcfarland at attbi.com
Mon Dec 16 10:23:00 CST 2002

David Dorward <evolt at david.us-lot.org> wrote:

> Replace the &s in the URL with &amp;

Thanks, David. I tried that, but it doesn't seem to make a difference to the
validator (even though that's their recommendation, too). I still get eight
errors associated with this one URL. Here's the first four; the second four
relate to "general entity 'query'":

>Line 81, column 131: cannot generate system identifier for general entity

>  ...xis.cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=leso&date=20000120&query=Nell%27s"
>2.    Line 81, column 131: general entity "date" not defined and no default
>entity (explain...).

>  ...xis.cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=leso&date=20000120&query=Nell%27s"
>3.    Line 81, column 135: reference to entity "date" for which no system
>identifier could be generated

>  ...cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=leso&date=20000120&query=Nell%27s" title="Read
>4.    Line 81, column 130: entity was defined here

>  ...exis.cgi/web/vortex/display?slug=leso&date=20000120&query=Nell%27s"

Again, the page code:


Suggestions, anyone?

Richard McFarland (rlmcfarland at attbi.com)

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