[thelist] any JS cookie experts out there?

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 16 15:54:00 CST 2002

I've got this job where I am working some of my own PHP pages into
Kurant StoreSense, which I believe runs on PowerBuilder.

My pages are php, so the user pops into my pages to register, and
then I need to write some cookie info in JS to it gets passed along
as they work in StoreSense.

So when the person registers, I write this:

document.cookie = "data=<?=$data?>";

And the cookie is there. If I pop around in my php pages in that
directory, I can get an alert with the cookie data every time, no

Now, I have a link on one of my pages that sends the user back into
the store, which would look something like this:


And mysteriously, my cookie is GONE, kaput. I had a person over at
the ISP trying to help out, and he said it was because my cookie was
expiring at end of session - but I am NOT ending the session! I'm
moving to another page. I'm not closing the browser or anything.

Here is the code I am using to pull the cookie on all my pages, taken
directly from the JS Bible by D. Goodman, the man.

function getCookieData(labelName)
	var labelLen = labelName.length;
	// read cookie property only once for speed
	var cookieData = document.cookie;
	var cLen =  cookieData.length;
	var i = 0;
	var cEnd;

	while(i < cLen)
		var j = i + labelLen;
		if(cookieData.substring(i,j) == labelName)
			cEnd = cookieData.indexOf(";", j);
			if(cEnd == -1)
				cEnd = cookieData.length;
			return unescape(cookieData.substring(j+1, cEnd));
	return "";

Then to view it I am simply doing:

function init()
//check and see if cookie exists
	data = getCookieData("data");

	if(!data == "")
              alert('cookie = ' + data)

Any ideas why this would fail? I've tried setting a expiration date
years from now which doesn't seem to be working either. Support says
StoreSense doesn't delete any cookies, and I believe him. But I
wonder if something else may be going wrong or I am not coding this
right. I have used this same code in another project and it worked


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