[thelist] any JS cookie experts out there?

Roger Ly rogerly at bareviking.com
Mon Dec 16 17:27:00 CST 2002

>Now, I have a link on one of my pages that sends the user back into
>the store, which would look something like this:


>And mysteriously, my cookie is GONE, kaput.

The page where you set the cookie is on the same domain as your
StoreSense installation, right?

What happens when you set the cookie on your custom PHP pages, go to
StoreSense, and go back to your custom pages?  Are the cookies still
visible from your custom pages?

Perhaps you are setting cookies specific to the directory/subdirectory
of your custom PHP pages, and that's why they aren't available to
StoreSense (since you are browsing StoreSense through the top level of
your domain)?


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