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Tue Dec 17 00:11:01 CST 2002

evolt.org headlines for 16-DEC-02

Hi evolters!

We have some fresh content on evolt.org today, contributed by our
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News: CSS-D Finds New Home at evolt.org (Author: aardvark)

The incredibly popular, active, and valuable mailing list devoted to
Cascading Style Sheets, CSS-Discuss (css-d), has moved its hosting to
evolt.org. After some brief list overlap, and a lot of server
tweaking, the list opened its doors to its new home Monday, December

Code: Web Scripting and Logic, or Boolean Algebra (Author: spinhead)

A basic understanding of Boolean algebra, or 'logic', is essential
for building web applications, as it is in virtually all computer
programming. This article is an introduction to to the terminology
and concepts necessary to include logic in your web applications.

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