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Kyle wrote:
>UBB is a great solution for what you're looking for.  The 'lite' version
>is extremely easy to install (on both Windows & UNIX platform), so I'm
>guessing that if you need their enterprise version, it's just as easy to

If you're running Zope, there's a Zope product which mimics UBB:

>And, I would consider it to be cost effective, too.  Around $199 for
>their UBB Classic version which will work with your mail server to send
>?e-mails when posts are made, etc.

ZUBB's free (as in beer), like many Zope products

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>Anybody have good (or bad!) experience to report with message
>board/threaded discussion tools, anything from Zope to Slash to Web

Now the thing about Zope is in itself, it doesn't do any of that. Zope is
a platform which provides a lot of services which tool developers can use,
making it very easy to build vertical solutions on top.

So there's *lots* of Zope products at
all of which are a simple 'untar, drop in and restart' to install.

You may also find this useful:

If it's more generic community tools you need, take a look at
(it's another Zope product - there's an installer download which installs
everything you need, including Zope, from scratch)

>The platform is still uncertain -- we will definitely be not using a
>Microsoft product, we'll probably be using Apache on Linux

Zope will run on most things - Linux, Solaris, generic Unix (including
MacOSX) and Windows with the minimum of problems porting a site from one
to another (it's got a handy export/import doodad) - so if you change your
mind later, that's not a problem. It's pretty handy for local development
on a desktop Win machine and then upload to the server.

You can either run it on its own (it has its own HTTP server) or
ProxyPassed through from Apache.

> As for our needs, we need to allow people to trade information in a
> threaded format and preferably have the ability to get alerts when
>someone else posts to their topic.

Have you considered a wiki?


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