[thelist] Web Safe Colours

Martyn Haigh martyn.haigh at virgincosmetics.com
Tue Dec 17 05:15:06 CST 2002

Heres a quick question :

How many people can only view the web in web safe colours?  Are the days of
the 256 colour pallet gone?

I'm only asking as I'm designing a new site for my company, and they are
quite specific about colours (it being a cosmetics company).

I know I should stick to the 256 colours given to me - but I'm starting to
think that by doing this I will be making it viewable for the 3 people that
view the site in 256 colours and the rest of the people are going to have a
less enjoyable experience because of the lack of colour.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Martyn Haigh

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