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Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Tue Dec 17 09:50:01 CST 2002

I've been spending a great deal of time this morning investigating on my
own. To see what I'm reading, go to groups.google.com and search for
"University of Phoenix". Go to and start reading on the 4 page of returned
results. The first three are self-posts from UoP advertising it. I'm on page
11 now and have formed my own opinions.

About 90% of people posted all agree that although it is a very expensive
degree, it is a good education. Keep in mind the UoP is a "For-Profit"
organization with an extremely diverse well educated staff and student base.
I've talked to various HR people already and its not so much as to where
they got the degree from, but what skills do they have/experience. If the
race is neck and neck and you and John Doe are the only ones left to choose
from, he who has the more recognized school will win. Chances of that
happening are very slim though.

UoP doesn't require you to take the GRE, GMAT, to enter. Often at times
there isn't a thesis required for some Masters programs. Thus making your
very expensive degree, not worth a whole lot in higher positions of major

While a lot of people like the program, a lot hate UoP as well. Its
definitely had its share of criticism as well as praise. I'm still in need
of serious convincing to get $21k in the hole in student loans. However, if
a pay raise can justify that expense, then I've lost nothing and gained
everything, which is usually the case when you upgrade your education.

I'm 23, have had at least 3 years of related experience, and my last 60
hours of my BSCS was over a 2.5 GPA. I meet the requirements to enter the
program and get an MCIS, but I'm still not sure if its worth the money. My
last comment on this posting was a comment that really speaks to me: "I've
known a lot of people who've done the program at University of Phoenix, and
the Time spent there was not wasted. Money...yes, Time...no."


>I am also very interested in what you find out please forward any e-mails
>you get off list.  I need to get back to school as well.


Hi list,

I have this craving to continue my education and pursue a Masters degree;
I'm thinking an MCIS. However, I cannot commit to a single location and am
seeking an online degree. Has anyone ever heard/know of/matriculated
to/graduated from UoP?

I trying to convince myself, not for the cost, but for the quality of
education. I hear its top notch, but some of the students aren't. Since I
will be working in (list)groups such as this one, I just wanted to justify
the time/money/effort to getting my MCIS at UoP.

Sorry for the off topic post and appreciative for any thoughts,

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