[thelist] <!DOCTYPE> issues

Howard Cheng howcheng at ix.netcom.com
Tue Dec 17 17:50:00 CST 2002

OOPS, I forgot a key bit of information, so this a re-send.

According to common wisdom, you should be using a <!DOCTYPE> declaration at
the beginning of your HTML documents so that the newer browsers render your
code as you expect them to, right?

So why doesn't this work? It's fine for IE, but Mozilla 1.1 is having problems.

http://www.howcheng.com/test.php -- has a doctype declaration, but the
external CSS file isn't read

http://www.howcheng.com/ -- no declaration, but it works fine (as it
should, because the browser is in "backwards-compatible" mode).

Is something wrong with my test page that's causing it to be screwy?

Thanks in advance.

Howard Cheng
howcheng at ix dot netcom dot com
AIM: bennyphoebe
ICQ: 47319315

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