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Philip Lee lists at pidea.co.uk
Wed Dec 18 06:33:01 CST 2002

Heshel wrote:

Subject: RE: [thelist] ]CMS tools - site categories

> > I code CMS and db driven apps for a
> > living, but don't have a lot of spare time to custom a CMS for this
> > site. (work at home, 2 kids under 2) I have looked (quite extensively)
> > at open source CMS systems  but the trouble is they don't offer the
> > ability to categorise entries alphabetically and by different
> > categories
> > - they focus more on "blog style" entries. Does anyone know of a CMS
> > (free or otherwise) that allows this type of site organisation?
> > (PostNuke is the closest I have found )
> I am also looking for just such a CMS.  Something very simple, that will
> allow articles to be organized into categories.  I have looked around a
> and found a few *possibilities* but if some Evolters have positive or
> negative experience with some of these systems, that would certainly help.
> :)
> Thanks,

I run a PostNuke (http://www.mtb-wales.com) site which attracts moderate
traffic.  News stories can be categorised as you can see on the front page
into topic areas.  The default PostNuke version is not very flexible in the
way that you can look back through the archives but there are add-on modules
that do allow this.  The guy that wrote the excellent XForum (can't remember
the address off the top of my head) wrote such a module.

One of Postnukes most serious failing is that its very difficult to add
articles and categorise these.  I found a module called Subjects
(http://www.yagi.com.pl) which allows the creation of categories,
sub-categories either of which can contain pages.  I've used this to create
articles and features.

I know that the site looks clunky at the moment - it's difficult not to if
you use Postnuke.  There is a new version of my site on the way soon.

I'd recommend that you take a look at http://www.portalzine.de.  The guy has
developed lots of blocks and a couple of modules for PostNuke and has a very
active forum.  It's usually my first port of call when I hit a snag.



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