[thelist] ]CMS tools - site categories

Steve Lewis slewis at macrovista.net
Wed Dec 18 13:20:01 CST 2002

Hershel Robinson wrote:
> I am also looking for just such a CMS.  Something very simple, that will
> allow articles to be organized into categories.  I have looked around a bit
> and found a few *possibilities* but if some Evolters have positive or
> negative experience with some of these systems, that would certainly help.
It looks like most of the responses recommend PostNuke.  Wish I could
say I liked PostNuke, but I don't.  I found the code quality to be
unpredictable on some of the modules I looked at, and the system had
issues if you tried to put in too many patches/modules/whatever.  I
guess I just wanted to do too much with it.

For those who do have the time, it can be a great experience to build
your own toy article tool and to design support for categories (if you
are ambitious you can go after nested categories too).

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If you are one of those folks who doesn't have the time, take a look at

All of our dynamic content management tools support categories.  We have
support available for nested categories as well, just ask.  Our tools
are friendly to knowledgable web pros as well as novices, but as in most
things in life the more you know the more you can do with it.  No
hosting or installation issues, no external software to license, you can
have complete freedom when designing your own template, but our features
do come at a price.


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