[thelist] Getting ASP to process htm files

Koutoulas, Pete PKOUTOUL at Fayette.k12.ky.us
Wed Dec 18 14:13:01 CST 2002

I am planning to convert a site to a 100% dynamic ASP site. As an interim
step I would like to add some server-side script to every page on the site.
(I know there are serious performance hits to doing this but we have already
determined that our web server and database server can handle the load; this
site is not a heavy hitter. Besides that, most of our visitors are staff and
students who connect through our proxy servers which typically cache pages
for 24 hours.)

My real question is this. What would be the best way to enable all my
current pages to run ASP script? I could simply rename them all from *.htm
to *.asp but of course links would have to be updated and redirects put in
place to handle old bookmarks and external links.

My second thought was to simply configure IIS to let the asp engine process
all htm files. I know how to do this, the question is, should I? Has anyone
else ever tried this and are there potential pitfalls to avoid? I wouldn't
even consider it if I didn't have script on every page and if I didn't know
the server could handle it. But are there any other "gotchas" I should look
for? Or is there a better way to handle this?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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