[thelist] Flash: Path issues, number as instance name

Frank lists at frankmarion.com
Wed Dec 18 20:56:00 CST 2002

Thanks to Benjer, I've got my app stacking buttons correctly, and the
instances trigger correctly. I've got one last issue I can't figure out. In
each instance of my button movie I have a little text field that has a
number in it. My instances are name 1 though 18. They are a number.


this.myNumber.text = this._name;

in the rollOver and rollOut, the number correctly display (the numbers are
the instance names)

But the numbers (instance names) display only when rolled over or off. I
want them to appear when the movie loads. My problem seems to be that when
I attempt to address the particular object in this way

_root.1.myNumber (where '1' is the name of instance of my button-movie clip)

Flash chokes. It seems that a number is a bad choice for instance names,
but I'm locked in it now. How can I set the text.value of a box that is
embedded in an instance, or rather, what is an alternate way of addressing
the object so that I may set it's value when the move clip loads?


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