[thelist] [Perl] Blosxom setup problems

j.d. welch so.there at showtunepink.com
Wed Dec 18 22:03:01 CST 2002

i'd check to make sure that the required Perl modules (the lines in the
.cgi that say 'use File::Find;' etc) are installed.  at the shell, type

perl [enter]
use File::Find; [enter]

if you get a nasty message ("Can't locate File/Find.pm in @INC [etc]"),
it's not installed.  if CGI really works, and the script you're using
really should work, this may be the issue. i had this problem myself
the other day, and the 500 error message is totally not helpful...


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On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 05:12  PM, Paul Bennett wrote:

>> http://www.raelity.org/apps/blosxom/
> I am installing Blosxom to check it out, and keep getting this error:
> "Internal Server Error
> The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was
> unable to complete your request."
> I am comfortable with PHP and some Apache settings, I have Perl running
> successfully (tested all the phpdev test scripts), and have put
> blosxom.cgi in the cgi-bin (I am running Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Perl
> locally for development. The only crucial (that I can see) setting in
> bloxsom.cgi is the data dir, and i have this set to:
> C:\phpdev\www\public\bloxsom\docs
> which is currently empty. Can anyone give me any insight as to what is
> going wrong? I am an absolute Perl-rookie btw...
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