[thelist] CSS dynamic layer position

dn at dittodesign.co.uk dn at dittodesign.co.uk
Thu Dec 19 08:16:01 CST 2002

I'm trying to position a layer at the bottom of the browser window
onload and on resize, containing an image to act as a bottom border.

I've tried a few DW extensions that didn't quiet live up to their promise,
plus searching the web, but I can't seem to find anything.

I'm running out of time on this one and shouldn't really be going as far
as I am with the design but going that bit further is going to make all the
difference. So I'd appreciate a link to some possible code candidates
if anyone has some handy.

I need to use layers because the border sweeps up and
will be under other layers on the page.

Sounds straight forward, but I've spent the whole day so far
looking for some code. I have a number of solutions but non
of them quiet go the whole way.


Darren Yates
dn at dittodesign.co.uk
0161 281 1190

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