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Rob Whitener rwhitener at DesignOptions.com
Thu Dec 19 10:56:01 CST 2002

I fervently believe in strict adherance to widely adopted standards.  If the
crackpots and Netscape, Microsoft, and other browser developers had done
this, those of us in the web development racket wouldn't have to pull out
handfulls of hair when we try to publish a new page.  Unfortunately, the way
things should be, and the way things are are two different things.

Here is a link to a Level 1 DOM site and somewhere in there is a pretty
exhaustive browser compatibility matrix.  I don't know if anyone has seen it
before, but for anyone that hasn't, check it out:



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On Thu, 2002-12-19 at 08:29, Rob Whitener wrote:
> I haven't worked out all of the browser compatibility yet.  I guess I was
> naively hoping NN and IE would do.  Are Konqueror and Galeon similiar? (if
> take care of one, is the other one taken care of as well?)

I know very little about Konqueror, never used KDE.  Galeon is just
chrome on top of the Mozilla engine, basically, and Mozilla does have a
decent userbase on multiple platforms.  I usually find it worth coding
for Mozilla anyway, as for my money it's the closest browser to W3C of
those in common usage.

Really I think we should all code completely W3C strict and then add all
browser compatibility hacks as an afterthought.  With an alert saying
"your browser is broken, please contact the manufacturer".  :-)

I always cringe when I see people refer to the MSDN or Netscape
references as authoritative sources on DOM/javascript issues - go W3C
folks!  It's not like their reference standards aren't available.  Open,
peer-reviewed standards are the only reason the web exists, and they're
the only way it will continue to be useful.


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