[thelist] Hosting with Dynamic IP

Koutoulas, Pete PKOUTOUL at Fayette.k12.ky.us
Thu Dec 19 14:38:00 CST 2002

Seems to work fine for me, but I seldom use it. I'm not hosting a website on
it, basically it's just an experiment on my home network. My broadband
router is configured to use it out of the box, so I didn't need to use the
software. Since my IP rarely changes because my router is always on, that's
probably not a good test. But so far every time I have rebooted the router
it has updated my IP as advertised. YMMV. HTH. Etc. ;-)

    [ pete ]

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> Don't know if this is the one you were referring to, but I use it:
> http://www.dyndns.org.
>     [ pete ]

Yup, that's the one. Do you have any good/bad comments, hints? Thanks

> Some time ago someone mentioned a service that would allow one to
> based on a Dynamic IP where a Static IP was not an ISP option. Does
> anyone recall that service provider? Can you remind me where they are?

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