[thelist] CMS tools - INSTALLING DRUPAL

Russell Griechen russgri at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 19 15:56:00 CST 2002

Hi Paul,
My Mysql permissions and username is the same as ftp/control panel
some hosts use these primary permissions.
my host for mysql is localhost.
I have looked at various CMS but PostNuke docs is so lacking for the
uninitiated that it takes a lot of time to track it all down.
I am going to wait for Xaraya...a fork of postnuke....  www.xaraya.com  They
are changing a lot of things...a core that accepts a lot of modules instead
of modifying both core and module...at least that is my perception....should
be ready by Next  March.

I have settled on eZ publish ...do a google search and look at some
One reason that clinched...
Download or print out...some detailed steps that will get you started...

Russell Griechen
I put out query for a decibel detector earlier and got no response...is this
your bailiwick?

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> I am having one goshdarnedheck of a time installing drupal for testing.
> I have the default mysql username / password combo running on my dev box
> (yes, behind a firewall) and the drupal string says format like this:
> username:password at servername/databaseName
> so when I use:
> root:@localhost/drupal
> mysql barfs saying: "Warning: Unknown MySQL Server Host 'root' (0) in
> <filename> on line 7
> Unknown MySQL Server Host 'root' (0)"
> I have tried adding a new user to the mysql user table but this is not
> recognised either. Can anyone help? I'm not up with the play when it
> comes to mysql db permissions....
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