Semi-related question WAS Re: [thelist] Mac password help

Ken Schaefer ken at
Thu Dec 19 18:54:01 CST 2002

[Genuine Question to Mac people out there]
What happens (with OS 9, and OS X) if you take the disk out, and place it
into another machine (so the OS on the password protected disk is not


From: "Adrian Simmons" <adrinux at>
Subject: Re: [thelist] Mac password help

: Joel Canfield wrote:
: >We have a G4, probably OS9 but possibly X, which has a password on it,
: >the ex-employee who was the only user has 'forgotten' what it was.
: >
: >Is there a way, short of whacking it and rebuilding, to recover it?
: >
: With OSX, get an OSX installer CD, there is an option to reset the admin
: user password if you start up from the cd and go into the installer (but
: you don't have to actually install any software).
: OS 9 - hold down shift at startup to disable extensions?
: There is also a possibility that the disk is passwd protected with
: something like FWB Hard Disk Toolkit, I've no idea how to sort that
: short of wiping the drive.
: Adrian

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