Semi-related question WAS Re: [thelist] Mac password help

Wade Armstrong wade_lists at
Thu Dec 19 19:31:01 CST 2002

On OS 9, you'd be able to access everything. Presumably, the same would hold
true for X, although you might have some trouble with the *nix permissions
for various items not matching users available to the OS (my experience with
X is quite limited).

There are ways to lock a disk itself, but not through Multiple Users in 9 or
the standard *nix permissions in X.


on 12/19/02 4:52 PM, Ken Schaefer at ken at wrote:

> [Genuine Question to Mac people out there]
> What happens (with OS 9, and OS X) if you take the disk out, and place it
> into another machine (so the OS on the password protected disk is not
> started)?
> Cheers
> Ken
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> From: "Adrian Simmons" <adrinux at>
> Subject: Re: [thelist] Mac password help
> : Joel Canfield wrote:
> :
> : >We have a G4, probably OS9 but possibly X, which has a password on it,
> and
> : >the ex-employee who was the only user has 'forgotten' what it was.
> : >
> : >Is there a way, short of whacking it and rebuilding, to recover it?
> : >
> : With OSX, get an OSX installer CD, there is an option to reset the admin
> : user password if you start up from the cd and go into the installer (but
> : you don't have to actually install any software).
> :
> : OS 9 - hold down shift at startup to disable extensions?
> :
> : There is also a possibility that the disk is passwd protected with
> : something like FWB Hard Disk Toolkit, I've no idea how to sort that
> : short of wiping the drive.
> :
> : Adrian

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