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Fri Dec 20 00:03:01 CST 2002


If it's OS 9 then boot into the OS X partition (if there is one), or from a
CD, and delete all the multiple users preferences files (System Folder >
Preferences > anything that looks remotely like 'multiple users') and you
should be good to go. If it's OS X then, as mentioned before, boot from the
CD and reset it.

Local security holes ahoy!!!


PS -- if the drive is in fact encrypted via pgp / gpg / fwb then you really
are stuffed. See if the CIA / FBI can help. :)

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> On OS 9, you'd be able to access everything. Presumably, the same would
> true for X, although you might have some trouble with the *nix permissions
> for various items not matching users available to the OS (my experience
> X is quite limited).
> There are ways to lock a disk itself, but not through Multiple Users in 9
> the standard *nix permissions in X.
> Wade

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