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Bob Thomson Bob at nkd-webmedia.co.uk
Fri Dec 20 06:21:00 CST 2002


I have just had a client ask me to build a retailing site for bespoke
jewellery. They will have roughly 200 - 300 items available but as they
are individually made the shopping cart system must be very good at
handling 1 offs.

Essentially they are looking for a solution where they can manage the
contents of the online store themselves in a non-technical way, putting
in new items as appropriate. They wish for sold items to disappear from
the store as soon as they are purchased.

We have experience of setting up online stores but only for a fixed
number of items that do not change over time.

We have a team of good programmers who could build in bespoke
functionality and hook up to the payment method we decide on (haven't
made that decision yet - some sort of online credit card processing
facility, with no merchant account required.) So if there are any good
open source solutions or paid for ones that allow customisation then
they would be great.

Hosting is still to be decided on so it could be Linux or Windows based.

Does anyone have experience of a good online shopping cart facility that
suits the bill?

Any suggestions most appreciated,




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