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Liam Delahunty ldelahunty at britstream.com
Fri Dec 20 14:41:00 CST 2002

Bob Thomson wrote:

>I have just had a client ask me to build a retailing site for bespoke
>jewellery. They will have roughly 200 - 300 items available but as they
>are individually made the shopping cart system must be very good at
>handling 1 offs.

We've developed http://www.onlinesales.co.uk/ The current view looks a bit
rubbish as I've been letting someone experiment with the options in the
backend rather than screw up their production site...

It's in PHP/MySQL.

Currently it's working for a vendor who handles their own CC stuff, but it
would only require a little work for a interface into another processing
facility such as world pay, I just haven't had the time to complete it...

I've got one client now running approx 500 items on it, and there is no real
limit to what you can do with it.

The basic methodology is categories, galleries and products within. There's
quite a bit of flexibility in the type of products you can display, how the
postage works, VAT...

>Essentially they are looking for a solution where they can manage the
>contents of the online store themselves in a non-technical way, putting
>in new items as appropriate.

Admin interface using web forms. All pretty easy, showed one client the
system in ten minutes, and left them to it. When they next asked for help
they'd added a few dozen products, in several categories/galleries, uploaded
images and tested it with some fake orders.

>They wish for sold items to disappear from
>the store as soon as they are purchased.

There's a switch in the admin system to hide out of stock items, which would
take care of that...

http://www.corx.co.uk/ uses an older version of it.
http://www.bladerubber.co.uk has a fairly new version as does

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