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I'm one of the techies in charge of rolling out our new PCs hear at work, and there are a few different arrangements that cover our licensing.

We lease our hardware / os.  That means that someone else actually owns our copy of Win2000.  That said, we have our own corporate install set that allows us to install the same copy across many PCs.

When returning them, we through in the CDs that came with the original hardware.

So while we do have our own volume licensing setup, we still have a large pile of CDs that we need to store for the 3 year term our the lease.  This applies to ALL our new workstations even though they are Compaq / HP corporate machines.

<tip type="Windows 2000 / XP installation in a network environment" author="Michael Pemberton">
With the slow but continuing merger of the corporate and home OS design, here are a few tips for home users.

There is more and more need to take care when backing up your home PC.  Windows is becoming very sensitive to changes in hardware.  This is just as important when you want to change PCs @ home.  One example is cloning.

Be very carefull of using a clone or backup on a PC other than the original source.  Apart from the the obvious drivers issues that may arise, Windows may become confused if it find two systems with the SAME IDs.  Even if you have two licenses.
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If you bought a consumer system, then MS requires that the manufacturer
supply you with Windows installation media. The only OEM agreements that I
know of that allow manufacturers not to supply media are for organisations
(and presumably individuals) that have volume purchasing agreements.

If you bought your machine from Dell, or Toshiba, or similar reputable
company I'd contact them about getting what you're entitled to.


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