[thelist] IE 5 and 6 on same box? Thanks James and Abdulla

Zeljko Dakic zeljko at fon.bg.ac.yu
Mon Jan 20 02:06:00 CST 2003

 :)) Yeah but he gave you best answer, just you didn't like how finite
it is :). Why waste words, aren't you tired of skimming thick manuals
for just this one thing that you need right now. If you could have
someone to give you short answer, so you wouldn't waste your time
searching for it :))).

Zeljko Dakic

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> Thanks to James and Abdulla for there great feedback on my
> question re: IE5 and 6 on same box ...I learn something new
> everytime.  FYI Ken W.  One word answers without any
> explanation (like NO in your case) are not welcome on evolt.
> If you can explain yourself better than that, you really have
> no business on this list.

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