[thelist] IE 5 and 6 on same box? Thanks James and Abdulla

Philip Warbasse (info) info at warbassedesign.com
Mon Jan 20 09:47:01 CST 2003

That's OK Zeljko Dakic...you're wrong.  When someone asks for advice on the
list a YES or NO answer is not appropriate unless requested.  I don't
recommend you try this approach.
In the case of "IE 5 and 6 on the same box" there is more to the question
than just a YES or NO answer.
Others such as James and Abdulla were able to point me in the right
direction.  They gave me a valuable link to VMware.  Another evolter even
explained WHY this is a problem in the first place.  Yes I do appreciate a
quick and to the point answer but, like others,  I am here to learn as much
possible.  When answering questions myself, I always try to give valued
insight.  That, in my humble opinion, is what evolt is all about.

Phil Warbasse

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>  :)) Yeah but he gave you best answer, just you didn't like how finite
> it is :). Why waste words, aren't you tired of skimming thick manuals
> for just this one thing that you need right now. If you could have
> someone to give you short answer, so you wouldn't waste your time
> searching for it :))).
> Zeljko Dakic
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> > Thanks to James and Abdulla for there great feedback on my
> > question re: IE5 and 6 on same box ...I learn something new
> > everytime.  FYI Ken W.  One word answers without any
> > explanation (like NO in your case) are not welcome on evolt.
> > If you can explain yourself better than that, you really have
> > no business on this list.
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