[thelist] What a "Rush!"

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
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hmm I think i learned more than I wanted to about this... :-) Ok. ASP pages
and Unicode do not go together. The pages must be saved in UNICODE in
NOTEPAD, or some other document editor with UNICODE saving abilities.

:-\ However, by looking at Jeff's http://clarke.com/japanese.asp that
nullifies my second sentence. Or doesn't it?


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> From: Rob Smith <rob.smith at THERMON.com>
> Rush as in Russian...  I've got a dilemma in which I need to have
> Russian on my Website. Preferably in text. I've got a Word Doc with
> all the Russian on it:

try pasting it into your HTML file as plaintext, view it in your
browser, and change your character encoding...

View > Encoding > Auto Select (IE5+/win)...

or you can install the russian language pack and see if the letters
come across normally...

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