[thelist] Re: PHP and / instead of ?

Rob Schumann roblgs at cscoms.com
Mon Jan 20 20:58:00 CST 2003

19-01-2003: Kelly Hallman wrote:

 > > I have attempted a similar thing before but noticed that an
 > > unpleasant side-effect of this approach is it breaks all
 > > relative references...
And on 20-01-2003: RUST Randal replied
 > I'm not quite sure what you are getting at.  By rewriting the index
I find the same as Kelly... If I use / instead of ? and & with which to
start and separate a query string then my stylesheet doesn't load.

In my case, and I suspect Kelly's too, my stylesheets are linked (or
@imported) using dot relative paths, ie.


This leads me to suspect that other dot relative paths within the page
would also fail to expand properly.

Any suggestions?? Root relative might work, but I would prefer to retain
dot relative if possible.



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