[thelist] browser detection for fun and profit

j.d. welch so.there at showtunepink.com
Mon Jan 20 22:54:01 CST 2003

normally, i'm opposed to using browser detection, but sometimes it's
cute, like this, quoted from MacMinute[1]:

	"Apple's Web site now recognizes what browser you are using — as long
as 	you are surfing with its new Safari Web browser. A small Safari
icon 	appears in the top-left corner of Apple.com with the message
"Welcome 	Safari user" when visiting the site with Safari. The icon
does not appear 	when viewing the site with any other browsers."

nice. perhaps i should put a "thank for you for using a Gecko browser"
or somesuch message on my sites?  :) it's refreshing to see a bit of
positive reinforcement in the midst of the long-loathed "you should
upgrade your browser to..." messages.


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