[thelist] security software breaking client code & images (was: image non-rendering mystery (partially solved))

Diego Barcia webmaster at sci-web.com.ar
Mon Jan 20 23:40:01 CST 2003

> OK, it's solved, but I have yet to find out exactly where the setting
> is: the culprit is Norton Internet Security Ad Blocking. Switch it off
> and the thumbnail appears (it was the first thumbnail on the second row
> "tnhelmets" size 80x120). I can only surmise that this particular
> measurement is built into the Norton defaults somewhere, problem is, I
> can't find the default dimensions settings.
> I have had a lot of trouble with Norton over time, but as a large number
> of people use it with the defaults activated, it's perhaps wise to check
> with it rather than living in ignorant bliss...

I found out that security software such as ZoneAlarm Pro is breaking client
code (javascript) and, with Ad-blocking, pop-up client code along with some
images (even if they are no ads; but Ad-blocking can be turned off and there
are no problems then). I lost several hours trying to find out what was
wrong with the javascript code, and found out that when shutting down
ZoneAlarm the browser did no throw any errors, so the code was right but
ZoneAlarm -even with the firewall turned off-, was breaking the parsing,
adding random characters, for example before the script comments ([some
character/s]<!--) or sometimes to the body of the script.

So if one other variable was missing to client coding, that is client's
firewalls. When using the firewall I could'nt get to load some sites that
rely on JavaScript, either.


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