[thelist] Win NT and WMF / EPS images

Francois Jordaan francois.jordaan at wheel.co.uk
Tue Jan 21 04:25:01 CST 2003

Hi Francis,

> I've got a logo that I need to look good in Word (97) and also be able
> to print.  I've got it in .tif, .eps and .wmf formats.  It looks great
> in the latter two but for some reason won't print on Win NT +
> Word 97 (I
> get nothing but space where the image should be).  The .tif file looks
> blurry on screen but prints well.

I've often had to embed logos into Word documents for good on-screen display
and printing.

You would think that a vector format would be most appropriate, but that way
lies madness. Office does not handle vector formats very well, and there are
plenty of flavours of EPS that can muddy the waters. WMF is a strange
semi-vector format which few apps create reliably, and is not very small

Anyway, what I recommend is to use a bitmap format. I use GIF, as you can
make that *very* high resolution for still tiny file sizes for typical
logographics. Create it in Photoshop, from your EPS, so that at 600dpi or
even 1200dpi (laserprinter resolution) it would give you your desired
printed dimensions. Then import it into Word and scale it to your desired
size. Looks fine on screen and printed, and doesn't increase your file size
too much.

Old versions of Word may not like GIF (although I think '97 is OK), in which
case use TIF. An LZW-compressed TIF of a simple logographic image would
still be quite compact.


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