[thelist] Solution to AOL browser stats issue

Bird, Graham Graham.Bird at rspb.org.uk
Tue Jan 21 09:11:01 CST 2003

This page on aol.com (http://webmaster.info.aol.com/compatibility.html)
claims the following stats for AOL users (page last updated 7/1/2003)

IE 6 -  20.2%
IE 5.5 - 49.4%
IE 5.01 - 2.7%
IE 5.0 - 25%
IE 4.01 - 1.2%
IE 3.0 - 0.2%

and also explains how the AOL version number is independant of the browser.

If I understand it correctly (and it's reliable) this looks like a solution
to the AOL browser mystery. The only problem is it doesn't say how it gets
these figures.

Hope this helps,


Graham Bird

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