[thelist] browser detection for fun and profit

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Jan 21 14:12:01 CST 2003

Chris W. Parker <> wrote:

> Cake <mailto:cake at brothercake.com> wrote:
> > 	"Apple's Web site now recognizes what browser you are using - as
> > long as 	you are surfing with its new Safari Web browser. A small
> > Safari icon 	appears in the top-left corner of Apple.com with
> > message "Welcome 	Safari user"
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Any idea how they achieve this - since Safari can spoof its identiy,
> > there must presumably be a unique object or combination of object
> > returns that can be used to identify it uniquely?
> if it were up to me i wouldn't concern myself with absolutely
> positutely identifying safari beyond a shadow of a doubt. i would
> just look for the word 'safari' in the useragent string. (iirc
> 'safari' is within the default ua.)

i should add... i'm not saying that safari cannot be correctly
identified without using the ua string (if it can i obviously don't know
how), i was just saying ("you're always just saying!") that in the case
of the mac.com site i wouldn't concern myself with properly identifying
it if i had any control over the website. phew!

i'll shutup now. ;)


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