[thelist] browser detection for fun and profit

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 21 14:16:01 CST 2003

>	"Apple's Web site now recognizes what browser you are using - as
>as 	you are surfing with its new Safari Web browser. A small Safari
>icon 	appears in the top-left corner of Apple.com with the message
>"Welcome 	Safari user"
>Any idea how they achieve this - since Safari can spoof its identiy,
>there must presumably be a unique object or combination of object
>returns that can be used to identify it uniquely?

Excellent question. The information is not in navigator.userAgent, that much
is sure. Safari is pretty good at disguising itself.

After going through all available browser information I *think* they use
navigator.productSub, which in all cases is 20021225.

That leaves open the question what they'll do when a new Safari version is
released with a new productSub (at least, I assume it'll have a new one).

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