[thelist] recommendations for php/mySQL shopping cart/ecommerce app??

Tom Lyczko tlyczko at visualwave.com
Tue Jan 21 19:02:51 CST 2003

I designed and maintain a fairly good ASP/Access-based online art

To reduce bandwidth/hosting costs, I'm trying to determine if it's worth my
while to migrate the site from a classic ASP app to a php/mySQL shopping
cart/ecommerce app.

Would I be able to get more bandwidth for less money from a Linux/Unix
hosting company??

If so, what do you, dear readers, recommend as the best available PHP/mySQL
shopping cart out there that is 'open source,' for a *reasonable* price,
which one can customize extensively to use XHTML and CSS???

Off-list responses are fine, and I will check my digests...

Thank you!!

:) tom

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