[thelist] To Application or Not ..

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Tue Jan 21 22:54:00 CST 2003


Couple of things:

a) caching static data in application level variables is generally a good
idea (make sure you have plenty of memory). Consider a library such as:
which would allow you to automatically re-generate the values.

b) I would not use text-files to store stuff. A database is much better
suited. If you are generating drop-down <select> lists, learn to use the
Recordset's .getString() method combined with
adOpenForwardOnly/adLockReadOnly cursors. This allows you to:
    - open the recordse
    - call .getString() straight away, dumping the data into a variable
    - close (and dispose) of the recordset
which greatly increases both performance, and scalability


From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
Subject: [thelist] To Application or Not ..

: Hey Folks ..
: I'm working on a very large Access to web registration application
: Quick question .. and if anyone has any resources that I can refer to,
: better.
: I have "huge" lists on all of my pages.  Currently the data exist in the
: but it's a big performance hit to keep grabbing the list data from the DB
: each time it is required.  Sometimes, it's required on more than one page
: (i.e. list of languages (247 of them so far) and a drop down to select
: and Lang2).
: I see two possible options, and I'm not sure which is best.  I can save
: data as an Application object or I can write the data to a text file and
: loop through it that way (this is what is being used atm).  I'll need to
: create an Admin form whereby the user can regenerate (or set to null) the
: Application in question or rewrite the text file. Not a problem .. if
: has any clue how (if) I could automate this to run, say every 12 hours on
: its own, that too would be helpful ..  but isn't the reason for my post.
: What's better?  Storing the data as an Application object (is that the
: term?) or to save it as a text file and use an FSO call to the text file
: whenever the data are required.  The FSO set up currently being used is
: working well.  I'd just like to ensure I'm doing the BEST option. ;)
: TIA,
: Michele
: (Please,  please .. let's NOT make this a discussion on why Access is evil
: .. I know, the client has been well informed .. I anticipate a change in
: future, but not before this project is done.)

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