[thelist] What A "Rush!" (continued)

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Jan 22 09:33:02 CST 2003

Hi list,

Day 2 :: Kicking a known flat tire

Forward: Evgeni Sergeev had a great response for the Russian encoding
problem. I understand all that now and have a good feel for how its supposed
to happen. But, I wanted Russian on an ASP page. And i haven't found much of
anything that will help me in that regard.

Here's some links with what's involved and my problems therein:

http://www.thermon.com/xtra/RussianText.txt - contains the actual txt file
with the Cyrillic on it.

http://www.thermon.com/xtra/RussianText.htm - is the same text file saved as
UNICODE (*.htm) from Notepad and posted to the web.

http://www.thermon.com/xtra/RussianText.asp - is the same text file as the
.htm version but with a different file extension. I get an error:

  <> Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0245' <>
  <>                                      <>
  <> Cannot process file                  <>
  <>                                      <>
  <> /xtra/RussianText.asp, line 1        <>
  <>                                      <>
  <> UNICODE ASP files are not supported. <>

Ah, here's the rub:
suggests that, "Use(ing) the default Encoding type (ANSI) (in order) to
avoid this problem" Ok. I hope over to Notepad, as it also suggests, and I
attempt to save the .htm file as ANSI. Easy. Well, Notepad gives me this

  <> This file contains characters in Unicode format  <>
  <> which will be lost if you save this file as a    <>
  <> text document. To keep the Unicode information,  <>
  <> select the Unicode encoding in the Save As       <>
  <> dialog box. Continue?  (OK)  (Cancel)            <>

...darned if you do, darned if you don't...

So basically, I want the Cyrillic on an ASP page however that needs to be.
Can anyone of you help with this existing weird problem?


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