[thelist] colocation/managed hosting?

john-paul jwalton at four09.org
Wed Jan 22 10:17:01 CST 2003

Hey everyone,
I work for a small design firm, in a two-person web design/development team.
Currently, we don't host the sites we design, usually recommending an ISP
that does shared/virtual hosting to the client. This is because we don't
want to take on the responsibility of running a server, etc. (we are all
designers here -- if we need advanced programming, we hire it out).

Lately we are doing more and more sites that require more demanding hosting
setups, and we are getting fed up with the shared hosting thing ("what do
you mean PHP doesn't have access to sendmail?!"). So I've been thinking
about colocation and managed hosting. If i understand it correctly, with
this kind of setup, we would own/lease the equipment, but our partner would
handle the maintenance/management. We could then essentially do whatever we
wanted with that server, including leasing space to clients and hosting
multiple domains.

Basically, our goals here are to gain more control and flexibility over
hosting setups for our clients, and making a little money back on hosting
them would not hurt either.

So, a couple questions:
1) Are my assumptions above correct?
2) Can anyone recommend good companies to go with for this?
3) If I have this idea totally wrong, is there another solution?


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