[thelist] Java - pop-ups...Why?

Melissa Read read at drsfostersmith.com
Wed Jan 22 12:16:02 CST 2003


What are opinions about using pop-up windows to display 'more information' type info? Is the trend going towards more linear usage & just using the same browser window instead of pop-ups?

Are there any stats out there about who disables java on their computers? I've found 10% to be a number, but I don't know if it is accurate. Is that number going up or down?

We use pop-ups a lot on our site & some people want to be rid of them because not everybody can use them...Others want them all over because we have lots of additional information we want to display & sell sell sell...I want to figure out what is best for our customers.

I've found, up til now, many non-net savy  customers get confused with the pop-ups & I'd like to go for a more linear approach so people would never lose our site.

Anyway, opinions?


-Melissa Read
 read at drsfostersmith.com

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