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Jackson Yee jyee at vt.edu
Wed Jan 22 19:03:01 CST 2003

"Daniel Fascia" <danfascia at totalise.co.uk> wrote in message
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> 1) using the dir() class and praying it spits out results in date order

If it's a direct overlay of the filesystem API, it'll give you files in the
order that they are located in the directory file, meaning that it's not a
good alternative.

> 2) using readdir() and then making a date sort function for the array I
> But god only knows how to write a date sort function...

[Disclaimer: I haven't touched PHP in three months while I've been busy with
projects for college & work, so this code should only be used for ideas]


function LoadFiles($Pattern)
 $Files = array();

 $It = dir('[pattern]');

 if (! $It)
  die('Cannot list files for ' . $Pattern);

 while ($Filename = $it->read())
  if ($Filename == '.' || $Filename == '..')

  $LastModified = filemtime($Filename);
    $Files[] = array($Filename, $LastModified);


  return $Files;

function DateCmp($a, $b)
  return ($a[1] < $b[1]) ? -1 : 0;

function SortByDate(&$Files)
  usort($Files, 'DateCmp');

To test:

$Files = LoadFiles('*');
echo '<ol>';
foreach ($Files as $Filename)
  echo '<li>', $Filename, '</li>';
echo '</ol>';

usort(), along with several other functions, lets you use a function that
you define in order to make comparisons in sorting an array.  It's a very
handy function, and suits your purposes perfectly.

Jackson Yee
jyee at vt.edu

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