[thelist] best way to do dynamic tabs in PHP

Tom Dell'Aringa pixelmech at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 22 21:29:00 CST 2003

<snip> - my original question was how to best write out some tabs on
my page dynamically using php to show a selected tab or a normal tab.

--- Jackson Yee <jyee at vt.edu> wrote:
> That's pretty much the same way that I do it as well, Tom, only I
> tend to use a function along with descriptive names

> <?php
> function WriteTab($Link)
> {
>   echo '<a href="/', $Link, '"><img="tab', $Link;
>   if ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == $Link)
>   {
>     echo 'highlight';
>   }
>   echo '.png" width..."
> }
> WriteTab("foo");
> WriteTab("bar");
> ?>

Okay, I thought that was a great idea, so running with that I came up
with my function pasted below. It works great but I have a small

There is a space between my tabs which I can't have. This is because
I believe the each function call creates a new line or line break, so
i get code like:

<img tag>

<img tag>


with white space in between..i need to get rid of that or I can't use
this..(they need to butt up together like)

<img tag><img tag>

function writeTab($link, $width, $height)
	$page = basename($_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME']);
	$curpage = $link . ".php";

	if($page == $curpage)

	<img src="/_images/<?=$link?>_sel.gif" alt="<?=$link?>" border="0"
width="<?=$width?>" height="<?=$height?>" align="absbottom"
name="<?=$link?>" />


	<a href="<?=$page?>" onmouseover="rollOver('<?=$link?>', 'on');"
onmouseout="rollOver('<?=$link?>', 'off');"><img
src="/_images/<?=$link?>_off.gif"  width="<?=$width?>"
height="<?=$height?>" alt="<?=$link?>" border="0" align="absbottom"
name="<?=$link?>" /></a>


writeTab("home", "100", "36");
writeTab("parties", "115", "36");
writeTab("store", "100", "36");



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