[thelist] logging hits on a remote site (evolt - no access to logs)

Aleem Bawany aleem.bawany at utoronto.ca
Wed Jan 22 21:57:01 CST 2003

I've been doing this for about a month now but thought
figured some brains on the list might find a better way.
I'm certain many have probably tried to work this problem.

In an attempt to analyze the traffic on my site (hosted
generously by evolt), I have adopted the following method:

For a page like this:

In my php generated file I would have the following:
#header h1 {

I use index.html so my server thinks it's an regular index file
and my log analyzer records it as a html doc rather than
an image. I do a ForceType image/gif to serve the index.html
as an image file (which is what it really is - 1x1 px image).

I use the rewrite engine so that all hits to evolt.one.com.pk
serve the same image file (hence I don't have to mirror the dir
structure), but they're still logged as orignally requested.

That's a lot of work to achieve what I wanted, so I'm hoping
there's some smarter ways to go about it... what are they? How
do the counter sites do it? Is there a scripting only solution
where I would have little to do with my server? Is there a
PHP/Perl script or something which will use the reffering URL
to generate a log file like Apache's. I would still prefer to
use my log analyzer without much modificaiton as-if the pages
were local. Any devious hacks?


[ http://members.evolt.org/aleem/ ]

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