[thelist] What a "Rush!" (continued)

Evgeni Sergeev evgeni_sergeev at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 23 00:50:01 CST 2003

 >So basically, I want the Cyrillic on an ASP page however that needs to be.
 >Can anyone of you help with this existing weird problem?

I never used ASP before, but I can imagine that while HTML is supposed to be
all in UCS, ASP takes a radically different approach and makes life

I didn't have enough time to properly investigate, but I tried to use
character escapes (eg. а stands for one letter) instead of the
characters themselves. So the size increases sevenfold. (hell)

This has a slight chance of helping:

For anyone, who would like to read more , I found a nice page here:

  --Evgeni Sergeev

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