[thelist] Windows losting data .. back button

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Jan 23 06:48:01 CST 2003

Hey folks ..

I've built a series of forms .. and we've run into one mild annoyance.  With
PWS and also on my own host, everything works fine.  But on the client's web
server (they host their site inhouse) the data are lost when one clicks the
back button.  Sorry, rephrase, if they submit the page and it encounters
errors, when they go back everything they entered is gone. (I know, I should
improve the error-checking so that it's a self-processing page, but I
haven't had time to go back and clean this up yet.)

I'm guessing it's a setting .. but I'm not a server-admin type person and am
not sure.  The client hasn't found it yet either, but I'm not sure if he's
been looking too hard for the answer as we've been really busy with other

I'm guessing it's Win2K Pro server, but it could be NT too.  If this is
important to know for sure, I'll ask when I get to the office today and
report back tonight.



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