[thelist] how to set text-flow in css

Richard Bennett richard.bennett at skynet.be
Thu Jan 23 07:55:01 CST 2003

Thanks for the reply, and to Anthony for the links.

I had tried using lists first, but this gives two problems:

firstly they add a margin to the left of the dot, so I added
ul {
margin: 15;
to my style-sheet, but this doesn't work in NS4.

Secondly they add quite a bit of overhead to my code, the actual code is
like this now:

&#149; <a href="#">New Globes for 2003</a><br />

So instead of adding list mark-up to all these (many) links, I'd have
preferred adding something to the stylesheet for "a", to stop it wrapping
under the dot. Something like this:


yet sadly that doesn't work.
If the "don't wrap under dot" css only worked in the main browsers that
would be ok.


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From: "kristina" <ml at kfxdesign.net>
    <li>hello this is some long text.</li>

li {
 list-style-type : square;

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