[thelist] MySQL Table fields

Andrew Maynes andrew at humanbehaviour.co.uk
Thu Jan 23 09:36:01 CST 2003

Following on from the PHP array and the response from Howard.  Two tables that I
am now doing this INNER JOIN ON have the same name so in the first select I have
category from the table Item which is (1) and the JOIN  field in table category
is called category (jeans)  Should I think about remaing the table,  it seems to
me that there are too many category names floating around and hence the problem:

$result=mysql_query("$DBName","SELECT ItemSKU, ItemName, ItemDescription,
ItemCost, Category, ShippingCost, ItemID FROM Items INNER JOIN category ON
Category = Category WHERE ItemID='$II'");

too many category 's?


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