[thelist] PhP Install on Win 2K

Rich Gray rich at f1central.net
Thu Jan 23 10:05:01 CST 2003

IIRC OsCommerce requires rgister_globals to be On - with later versions of
PHP this setting is Off by default. You will need to either switch it On in
php.ini (there are some security implications however) or implement some
sort of hack to emulate globals being on...


Disclaimer: I am a Php newbie. :)

We have however succesfully installed Php on our Win 2K / IIS server. It
appears that it works because PhpCollab (which I am running because I
learned about it from this list thank you) works basically as expected.  I
am now attempting to install osCommerce (which I also learned about from
this list thank you very much) but when I attempt to view the install docs
for osCommerce, I get this:

Notice: Undefined index: language in
E:\Inetpub\Domains\xxx.com\tep-docs\documentation\includes\global.php on
line 15


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