[thelist] Upgrading to 2000 or XP

Anthony Johnston . Antix tech at antix.co.uk
Thu Jan 23 11:23:01 CST 2003

Think I'll suggest win 2000,  I've used it for ages and it's
good and stable in my experience.  Thanks all,  Ant.

>i don't think you will have any problems upgrading to 2000 from 98. as
>far as xp goes you MAY have a problem since winXP may be a lot less
>backwards compatible with win98 than it would be with win2k.
>win98 => win2k = OK!
>win2k => winXP = OK!
>win98 => winXP = maybe OK!
>i have not had much dealing with winXP so that's why i'm not sure. try
>http://groups.google.com/ and search for "upgrading from win98 to winxp"
>and see what you get.

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