[thelist] Deselecting A Radio Box

Wade Armstrong wade_lists at runstrong.com
Thu Jan 23 12:03:10 CST 2003

on 1/23/03 9:39 AM, Gregory J Toland at gtoland at xwaresys.com wrote:

> Is there a way to deselect a radio box?  Once a user selects a radio box
> (lets say there are 3 radio boxes) how can the user deselect the box so
> that no one box is selected?

Some (not all) UI purists would respond to this by saying "Hey! One in a set
of radio buttons should *always* be selected!" That certainly seems to be
the way the control was designed.

While I'm sure there's a way to deselect all radio buttons in a set using
javascript, isn't offering an extra button, "none" (or whatever's relevant)
both simple and accessible to the widest range of user agents? Working with
the form widget, rather than trying to bend it to your will, is usually
simpler and more user-friendly, because your form works like everything


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